At Stretch we believe in GIRL POWER!  Our Girl EmPOWERment programs strive to build a healthy foundation for tween and teen girls by connecting their minds, bodies, and hearts. The tween and teen years are complicated, especially in our fast paced culture!  Stretch Girl Power Programs strive to build self-esteem, positive body image and promote self-confidence.  We invite tween and teens to “leave their worries outside and think about their happy thoughts”.  Girl Empowerment begins with recognizing how awesome we are and what makes us special.  We learn how to harness our “super powers” and how to build a “tool box” of coping skills to integrate into their daily lives.

Girl Power Classes are offered at Stretch (see class schedule).  We also offer Girl Power workshops for Girl Scout Troops, birthday parties and celebrations and private groups. Call Stretch at 860-227-9855 for more information. 

Girl Power  

Did you know you have all sorts of superpowers?  Unleash the powers of kindness, joy, happiness, creativity and friendship in this high energy one hour class.   Girls build strength, increase flexibility, and improve balance and coordination in a non-competitive environment.  We encourage each girl to bring their unique spirit and light to their yoga practice.  Girls practice challenging yoga poses, partner poses, and flowing asanas while building friendships and self-confidence.  Each class ends with a relaxing savasana to take time to thank our brains, our bodies, and our hearts for being so awesome!  Girl Power Journals are created and incorporated into the classes to journal about all the Superpowers we possess and how to access those powers when we need them!    


Girl Power Therapeutic

Our Girl Power Yoga class modified and individualized for girls with special needs.  Bring braces, walkers, wheelchairs or adaptive equipment to stretch!  In addition to our yoga poses, stretching and strengthening activities, Girl Power Special Needs focuses on building positive self-image, self-confidence and self-esteem.