Rise and Shine Yoga Program

The Stretch ~ Rise and Shine Yoga Program has been developed by Pediatric Therapists who specialize in developmental movement.  This program is a culmination of nearly two decades of work with children as well as studying with the countries leaders in Children’s Yoga ~ Karma Kids Yoga, Radiant Child Yoga™, and Every Child’s Yoga. 

Rise and Shine Yoga is designed to bring a creative and fun yoga practice to children of all abilities in a non-competitive environment.  We encourage all children to bring to their unique spirit and light to their yoga practice.  Rise and Shine Yoga incorporates creative and developmentally appropriate yoga postures, with a multi-sensory approach to learning!

Children will learn to connect their minds, bodies, and hearts through a yoga practice designed for their developmental needs.  Our program will take children on imaginative yoga adventures, teach breathing techniques, and help them to find their inner calm!

 Children of all abilities are welcome!